The Longewala War Memorial Museum is more than just a tourist attraction. It is an emotion that every proud Indian possesses. The Longewala War Memorial commemorates the 1971 conflict between Pakistan and India in Longewala. India not only won the 1971 war with Pakistan, but it also gave rise to magnificent stories of bravery and sacrifice that have been immortalised in gold. The Indian Army maintains the museum, which was established precisely on the site of the battle.

The distance from Jaisalmer Fort to Longewala through Ramgarh route is 124 kilometres (77 miles). It’s a smooth ride on world-class roads without any bumps. The ride is made fascinating by windmills, sand spots, and desert plants.The fighting zone, ammunition used, and troop outfits are all on display at the museum. The names and photographs of the martyrs, as well as those who bravely battled to safeguard the country, may be found on the walls.

Pakistani forces, consisting of 4000 soldiers, Sherman tanks, T-59s, and a medium artillery battery, attacked the Longewala border station held by 23 Punjab during the night of December 4th or 5th, 1971. Indian soldiers defended the station valiantly, demonstrating the need for IAF assistance. The Hunter aircraft based in Jaisalmer wrecked havoc on Pakistani troops on the morning of December 5, 1971, with their lethal weaponry. The Hunters of 122 Squadron performed 18 missions, killing 200 Pakistani soldiers and destroying 100 vehicles and 36 enemy tanks. There are bunkers and tunnels still available. Some Pakistani tanks and a variety of other items are also stored there.

The fight of Longewala is the subject of the smash hit film “Border.” The Mahavir Chakra was given to late Brigadier (then Major) Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri by the Government of India for his valiant fight against a 2000-strong Pakistani force with a company of only 120 Indian soldiers, defending the Longewala station for the entire night. Sunny Deol played his character in the 1997 film ‘Border.’

There is a souvenir shop on the premises, as well, where the public can get several items from books, apparels and other souvenirs. The army also shows a 15-20 minutes film displaying at length, the bravery that our army showcased on the night of 4th December,1971. Visiting the museum will surely awaken the respect that we have for our army and air force officers. As you step out of the museum, you will be left teary-eyed.

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