Nathmal Ki Haveli

The havelis of Jaisalmer are a must-see. These havelis are massive houses, and if you travel a little distance from Jaisalmer Fort, you may see a large number of them. One of the most exquisite havelis in Jaisalmer is the Nathmal ki Haveli.

The construction of this Haveli was commissioned by Maharawal Beri Sal. Diwan Mohata Nathmal, the then-Prime Minister of Jaisalmer, was given this Nathmal Ji ki haveli to serve as his dwelling. On his instruction, the Haveli was created by two Muslim jeweller brothers rather than stone carvers. It was constructed in the nineteenth century by the two architect brothers Hathi and Lulu who worked independently to construct two havelis.

elephant sculpture standing guard at the haveli’s entrance

According to legend, the brothers began work on the haveli from two different directions, which explains why the outside structure of the haveli has two distinct architectural styles. When you first look at this haveli, you’ll notice some highly eye-catching stone sculptures. The craftsmanship is superb, and the jharokhas are fascinating to see. Two elephant sculptures stand guard at the haveli’s entrance.

The interiors are equally stunning. The walls and pillars are covered with miniature artwork. In addition, the pillars are ornately carved, and there are floral paintings and artwork throughout the building. Horses, cattle, and a representation of Flora, among other things, may be found on the walls. Images of modern conveniences such as fans, cars, and other vehicles can be found in these paintings if you look attentively. It is believed that the Architect brothers never saw these items in their lives and etched them only based on descriptions provided by witnesses.

Due to its spectacular architecture and construction, Nathmal ki Haveli is without a doubt one of Jaisalmer’s top attractions. Even though a portion of Nathmal ki Haveli is still occupied by its people, you will be able to see a lot of interesting things here and shop for Rajasthani souvenirs and gifts.

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