Jaisalmer, one of Rajasthan’s most popular tourist sites, is known as “The Golden City.” Whether you’re travelling for the sand dunes or the Havelis, a vacation to Jaisalmer isn’t complete without a visit to the city’s vibrant markets. Make sure you do some shopping in Jaisalmer, the next time you visit this city and take home souvenirs.

Here is a list of the most prominent markets for shopping in Jaisalmer that every shopper should visit :

Seema Gram
Manak Chowk
Pansari Bazaar
Sonaron ka Bas
Bhatia Bazaar
Sadar Bazaar
Light of the East

leather bags shop in Seema Gram
  1. Seema Gram : When it comes to dupattas, trinkets, and knickknacks that you want to buy at a reasonable price, Seema Gram is a great place to shop in Jaisalmer . The market is almost always full of shoppers due of its low prices. The Rajasthan Government runs this market. The Khadi Gramoudyog Bhawan sells handcrafted and environment friendly items manufactured by local weavers, giving their craft a fresh lease on life.
Manak Chowk
  1. Manak Chowk : Manak Chowk, located just outside the Jaisalmer Fort, is always busy with activity.
    Though the shops in Manas Chowk are small, there is no shortage of forms, colours, or variety of goods to choose from. Shopping in Jaisalmer will be a never-ending pleasure for you on the streets of Manas Chowk, whether it’s for traditional garments, bright handicrafts, appealing bags, or locally-made leather items. It is one of the oldest marketplaces. It showcases the expertise of local artisans while also reflecting Rajasthani tradition.
Puppets shop at PAnsari Bazaaar
a street of Pansari Bazaar
  1. Pansari Bazaar : Head to the Pansari Bazaar, one of Jaisalmer’s most well-known shopping destinations, for everything good and ethnic. Pansari Bazaar, the city’s oldest street market, is a good place to go if you’re seeking for traditional Rajasthani items. One also calls it the Villager’s Market. From handicrafts to colourful home decor items, traditional dresses to popular puppets, Pansari Bazaar is one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer to shop for an amazing souvenir that will allow you to take a piece of the Golden city home with you.
Sonaron ka Bas
Artificial jewellery being sold at Sonaron ka Bas
  1. Sonaron ka Bas :A girl can never have too many accessories! Many travellers flock to Sonaron Ka Baas, which literally translates to “house of goldsmiths.” There is nothing you won’t find at Sonaron ka Baas, whether you’re looking for gold, silver, or jewellery set with precious stones.Find your perfect complement for every outfit at this market, which features everything from traditional and authentic silver decorations to interesting beads and creative accessories. During festivals like Navratri and Diwali, this market becomes quite packed.
Bhatia Bazaar
  1. Bhatia Bazar : Bhatia Bazaar is the spot to go if you’re looking for some saree shopping in Jaisalmer.
    It is known for its silk, souvenirs, embroidered cotton and silk fabrics, and sarees, and is a popular tourist destination. There are also some beautiful mirror pieces, carved wooden pieces, and contemporary leather wallets and belts can be found.
Sadar Bazaar

6, Sadar Bazaar : Sadar Market in Jaisalmer is unlike any other street market in the world.The popular wholesale and retail bazaar Sadar Bazar stocks a wide variety of handicrafts and local goods.Although the market is known for its leather goods, anything from paintings, carpets, and handicrafts to jewellery, shoes, and sarees can be found there.

  1. Light of the East : Shopping in Jaisalmer is incomplete if you do miss This extremely unique boutique, located near the Jain Temple. This store sells all types of chandeliers and gems. They will brighten up your place like nothing else if you include them in your home décor. It is a one-of-a-kind shop that sells rare and valuable stones, as well as over forty different types of crystals and precious stones. This shop is particularly popular with foreign visitors who come to acquire unique crystals. One can also find Onyx, Sandstones, Jasper, Quartz, and Aquamarine here.

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