The wild desert that surrounds Jaisalmer is a complete contrast to the city. The Thar Desert, a stark contrast to the city’s ever-ambitious, futuristic skyscrapers, provides much-needed relief from the city’s bustling centre. The desert’s raw beauty serves as a healthy reminder to visitors that, no matter how advanced technology becomes, nature will always reign supreme.

Camel safari in the evening during camp stay

Most desert tours include vehicle safaris, paragliding, and camel rides. The campsites sprinkled throughout the region provide a rare glimpse into how the original desert residents lived. Take your time to look about and photograph the scenery. This tour offers a unique opportunity to photograph the desert at sunset. A desert safari is a magnificent excursion unlike any other that you will ever have.

The magical grandeur of the deserts can be celebrated the Rajasthani way with family and friends when night falls. Enjoy a Jeep and Camel safari trip during sunset hours. Then return to the campsite for a lavish evening of food, snacks, dancing, a DJ party, and musical entertainment. The most memorable experience of the abandoned land is the opportunity to enjoy folk dance and music in the Golden Sand Dunes, complete with a bonfire and a BBQ supper theme. The biggest attraction in terms of the thriving state’s royal cultures and legacy is the Rajasthani cultural dance performance by local performers. You may remember the land of Maharajas with exquisite folk dance and music performances.

Sam Desert Nights features some of the top folk singers and dancers. This 2-4-hour session will relieve stress while immersing you in Jaisalmer culture.The camps feature a beautiful interior design and serve the best mocktails and cocktails available. They play some of the best music in town and create an atmosphere that is truly engaging for the youth. A night spent in the Sand Dunes will undoubtedly be one you will remember for a long time.