Tazia Tower

One of the lesser explored places to visit in Jaisalmer is the Tazia Tower. If you’ve had your fill of the city’s many Rajputana structures, the Tazia Tower will be a pleasant relief. It’s part of the excellent ‘Badal Palace’ complex, which is close to Amar Sagar Gate. The tower is nothing short of an architectural wonder, with its elaborate and delicate design. It still has various paintings and artwork from a past era, displaying the city’s rich history in western Rajasthan.

Tazia Tower Jaisalmer

Designed in the shape of a Tazia, a sacred tomb construction performed by Shiite Muslims during the Muharram procession. The building is a five-storey construction, with each story having its own balcony with its own distinct design. It was built in the twentieth century by Muslim carvers and given to the people and ruler of Jaisalmer as a gift. These were the erstwhile royal family’s residences.

This tower is symbolic of a “tazia,” a mausoleum carried in processions during various Islamic festivals. Tazia is a copy of the Mausoleums of a number of Imams. Wood, thermocol, and colourful papers are used to make them. This tower is unlike anything else in Rajasthan’s Rajputana architecture. These were residences for Rajasthan’s royal dynasties, built by Muslim craftsmen in the shape of a Tazia as a religious symbol.
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