Government Museum Jaisalmer

A variety of museums across Jaisalmer maintain the city’s rich historical history. The museums in Jaisalmer are an important element of the city’s many attractions. Each museum has its own story to tell and will provide tourists with a wealth of information about Jaisalmer’s history and culture. The Government Museum of Jaisalmer is one such spot to amplify your horizon of knowledge. It was constructed to exhibit the Great Thar Desert’s diverse traditional and cultural heritage.

The is located opposite the Moomal Hotel on Police Line Road. It first opened its doors in 1984. Here you’ll find information on the region’s unique geological past, as well as displays such as old marine and wood fossils, thanks to the Department of Archaeology and Museums. The museum is anticipated to have most sorts of common marine fossils buried in shale, limestone, and sandstone and originally laid down in past seas, some as old as 150 million years old.

The Government Museum of Jaisalmer houses sculptures from the early townships of Kiradu and Lodurva, going back to the 12th century, as well as the beautiful youth of the time. All of the exhibits are labelled in a variety of languages, making it simple for travellers of all types to learn more about the exhibits. Nearly 72 stunning stone sculptures, 65 antique coins, 13 historic paintings, 8 uncommon inscriptions, and hundreds of delicately embroidered costumes are housed in the Government Museum.

Except on Fridays, the store is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. On Mondays, admission to the museum is free. Locals pay 10 rupees ($.14) and guests pay 50 rupees ($.69) for tickets.

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