Holi is an Indian festival that brings together people of all ages and cultures to celebrate diversity. The Holi party in Jaisalmer is several years old, and it has offered a wonderful occasion for people to partake in celebration of colour. On March 18, 2022, this year, the festival of colours will begin.

Holi, the celebration of colours, has grown in size and vibrancy in Jaisalmer. Every camp celebrates it with grandeur. The party is a spectacular and visually stunning event that promises to be a lot of fun for families and children of all ages.It will allow all of our guests to gather together and be covered in colourful gulals.

holi party in jaisalmer

Hundreds of people continue to fill the venues, bursting down barriers and celebrating the event with a lot of Gulal. For those who have never been to a holi party in Jaisalmer or anywhere else before, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unlimited authentic Rajasthani and Indian cuisine, unlimited booze, rain dance, delightful entertainment, toe-tapping live Bollywood music, and happy, messy color-play are all on the menu. Every year, a large number of local and foreign visitors come to see an amazing party full of joy and enjoyment.