luxury tents in Sam

Camping in the country of kings should be grand, which is why our luxury tents in Jaisalmer Sand Safari provide a royal experience. Our tents are completely customisable and provide a 360-degree view of the scenery. Furthermore, the camps are built on top of sand dunes, giving you the unique experience of having your own own dune. Unlike other camps, camps of Jaisalmer Sand Safari is located in full solitude in the middle of the desert.This provides you with a unique nomadic camping experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jaisalmer Sand Safari is one of the best places in Jaisalmer for a memorable camping experience. They deliver a whole Rajasthani desert experience for you. A camel trip to the dunes to watch the sunset is included in the one-night package for two, as well as luxury air-conditioned Swiss tent rooms, local folk music and dancing with appetisers and chai, dinner, and breakfast the next morning. They have a large number of tents, a stage area where only professional dancers and musicians play for their visitors, and because the campsite is located in the Sam dunes, they also provide camel safaris from their tents. They also offer paid activities such as paragliding, jeep safaris, and dirt bike rides.
A desert safari makes for a magical journey, one unlike any other you’ll ever experience. Indulge yourself in the adventures of Jeep and Camel safari, admire the astounding sunset on the desert, and then reach the campsite for an extravagant evening full of food, snacks, dance, DJ party and musical night.

The most memorable experience of the deserted land is that you will be going to have an amazing opportunity to enjoy folk dance and music in the Golden Sand Dunes with the campfire and a barbeque dinner theme arrangements. The Rajasthani cultural dance performance by the local artists is the main attraction regarding the royal cultures and heritage of the vibrant state. You can relive the land of Maharajas with an enchanting folk dance and music performances after the Non-touristic camel ride in the offbeat track of Desert.

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